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John Powell    09/17/06  I work for him at Rabun Couunty Market (this stuff is damn good gauranteed


donald powell    09/13/06  your stuff is damn good


Keith    09/09/06  Which flea market are you at now? I went back this summer and couldnt find you

I must say all your product are great. Love the linement

anything for bunions?


Cindy G.    07/26/06  While vacationing in Pigeon Forge we stopped at the flea market. My husband made fun of me for buying "glorified bengay".... I have used the entire bottle of 2nd generation oils and need more! I have searched everywhere and would love to order more. It works great for sinus problems, aches, and HEAD LICE!! After treating my girls I used the oils in their hair and we havent gotten it again! I rub it on their back packs to repel any other bugs! I have had several moms ask me what the secret is.... Dr. Feelgoods oils are awesome!


Linda Baskett    04/17/06  Brought this product at smoky mountain flea market while vacationing in tenneesse, still have alittle of the feels good product & love it.It's the only thing that will help my aches & pains. Love it & want more.


Heather     03/30/06  my family and i visited the pasco county fair and got this product. i suffer from migraines and had ear pain for 3 years i have no pain in my ears and the migraines have lessened thanks so much for the products.


Jesse & Becky Poore    09/04/05  While in Gatlinburg at the Flea Market we came acros this product. Thanks for introducing us to the Mummy's Liniment. My husband has back pain and when using this it seems to help him get through the day. This is one product I don't mind rubbing on my husband's back. What's left on my hands I inhale, and it helps to clear the sinus. We have shared our testimonels concerning this product with our friends. Again thank you for creating a natural herbal mixture of God's creations to truly help us to "Feel Good"!!!


Somer Fenton    07/31/05  These products are great!! With monthly shift changing, Fibromyalgia, a recent dislocated shoulder, and a manual labor job, I have already found that I am having a hard time justifying the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and need a lot less time to recover after a hard day at work! I can't thank you enough!!!


Charles Brown    03/05/05  I found More than enough to take care of many of my wife's pain control needs. The importance of all natural products can not be overlooked with her illness. Thanks for being here for us. cab


K Owens - PA    02/22/05  We were in Gattinburg for the weekend, forgot medication for my back. Stopped in while at the Flea Market and Janet applied 2nd Generation to my back,shoulders and neck. I cannot begin to tell everyone how great it felt. My pain was gone within a short time. The rest of our weekend was awsome. Keep up the good work and thanks for the products.


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Success Stories

Here we are at a live event. This young woman is intently listening as I explain how these marvellous natural remedies can quickly overcome pain and supply relief.

For MAXIMUM results use all 3 products together.

(eg: Feelgood Lotion, Grannys Butter, and Deep Rub)

As you can see, we attend lots of live events. Here is a man that was suffering with knee pain and wanted to know more about our all natural remedies. After applying 'Granny's Butter' to his knee and waiting a few moments, he was able to keep up with his grandchildren that day without suffering.

This woman was suffering from shoulder and neck pain.

Order 2 or more products and recieve $5 off each product plus FREE shipping

(this will be done automatically EVERYTIME) Doc.