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JOHN    07/13/08  I purchased the 20 0z plus Grannys Butter, My Right hand has not been a problem since Feb. Plus the lotion is unbelieveable for my Sinus Problems


patsy coburn    04/03/08  I really like the products displayed on the website and I have purchased the Alias Dr. Feelgood the Mummy's Liniment. Are these products sold anywhere beside a flea market? Do you have distributors in NC near the Greensboro area?


dean Rummel    01/02/08  You used the product on my knee a week ago in Bonita Springs and its alot better. I'm back in Indiana and telling my friends about the product. How do I become a distributor?


Suzan    11/12/07  I bought Mummy's Linement in the summer of 2006 and it is one the most incredible herbal remedies I have ever used. From aches and pains to "female" problems; It is THE GREATEST!


Gina and Christy    08/04/07  We bought this product at the Pendergrass Flea Market today. Christy and I have a lot of back pain and so far it's working great. Thank you!


tracie badgett    05/17/07  i brought the unwraps mummy's liniment and the pain joint cream when i was in floridia in march 2007 my son has eczema and i have severe allergies year round my friend told me about it and i love it.


terri    02/04/07  the liniment is the best, my other half could hardly move til using it and my mirgraine was gone and i have had surgery on my back and nothing could take away the pain til now , we will always use it. THANK YOU........


voiesduperou    10/30/06 

thanks much


lindavida    10/30/06  plants that give life & health.


Brereton    09/20/06  I'm a massage therapist and my father sent it to my mother for her aches and pain. I massaged in to joints and the next morning, she had no pain. I also used it on my mosquito bite and it worked mircles. Your Mummy's Liniment is great. Thanks.!!


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Success Stories

Here we are at a live event. This young woman is intently listening as I explain how these marvellous natural remedies can quickly overcome pain and supply relief.

For MAXIMUM results use all 3 products together.

(eg: Feelgood Lotion, Grannys Butter, and Deep Rub)

As you can see, we attend lots of live events. Here is a man that was suffering with knee pain and wanted to know more about our all natural remedies. After applying 'Granny's Butter' to his knee and waiting a few moments, he was able to keep up with his grandchildren that day without suffering.

This woman was suffering from shoulder and neck pain.

Order 2 or more products and recieve $5 off each product plus FREE shipping

(this will be done automatically EVERYTIME) Doc.