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Penny & Ted D.    07/07/09  Recently bought your products and so far have had great results. The greatest thing is the product has helped relieve my migranes! Will be back to update the success of this wonderful product.


Stuart Fincher    06/26/09  I love your product. Have only been using it about a month for elbow and neck pain. I would like to know how to become a distributor.


nick_chicno    06/24/09 

great products, really helpful


  06/07/09  Hi there nice doing buisness with you. New River Valley Flea Market.


terri    04/18/09  I have severe migraines and also osteoarthritis and this is the only thing that seems to help and now the man who sold it in our area is no longer here.





Frank    12/12/08  Best thing I have ever found. Thanks


Frank    12/12/08  I have been using the product for 1 year. Best thing I've ever found Thanks


Steve & Elizabeth Cleveland of N.C.    08/18/08  We are still using these products and we are going to continue to use these products. The all natural ingredents are a BIG bonus. We both have back and joint problems. And we have not had a sinus infection since using these products.


David Odom    07/27/08  we were on our way to the cherokee hospital to have my husband treated for a severd flare up of gout, we stopped by he applied the lotion and grannys butter to his ankle and we went about our day, he felt great, walked away without the pain and swelling he had on arrival, we cannot believe it, thanks to the man who sold it to us. he didnt go to the ER afterall!!!!


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Success Stories

Here we are at a live event. This young woman is intently listening as I explain how these marvellous natural remedies can quickly overcome pain and supply relief.

For MAXIMUM results use all 3 products together.

(eg: Feelgood Lotion, Grannys Butter, and Deep Rub)

As you can see, we attend lots of live events. Here is a man that was suffering with knee pain and wanted to know more about our all natural remedies. After applying 'Granny's Butter' to his knee and waiting a few moments, he was able to keep up with his grandchildren that day without suffering.

This woman was suffering from shoulder and neck pain.

Order 2 or more products and recieve $5 off each product plus FREE shipping

(this will be done automatically EVERYTIME) Doc.