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tonya shrewsbury    09/26/10  hello, i was very sceptical of this product so i bought a bottle to give it a try. my mommaw is almost paralized and due to medical conditions she can't take pain pills. most days shes unable to move her arms and legs. my momma gave her some of my lotion i bought, she was amazed said she can usually feel her bones touchin and it really hurts but once she put on the lotion she said she couldnt fell it anymore and the pain was gone. i have bercitus in my shoulder it hurts all the time, i put some on it when i get up and it doesnt hurt all day. my boyfriend has tendinitious in his elbow and refuses to take anything stronger than a tylonal. so i had him try the lotion, took me a few to talk him into it cause he just knew it wouldnt work, but within 2 minutes at the most he was sayin wow it doesnt hurt to move now. he keeps some in his truck for work now , lol. his ex wife has migraines terrible, she had had one all day so i had her try the lotion for that, she said it took the migraine away too! i usually dont testify for people but this product was so amazing i had to take the time to tell it. i'm not a good speller and apologize for any typos but have to say thank you to the inventor of this product, i didnt think anything would ever help my mommaw with her pain but this did, God bless the man that made this and praise God i was at a place that i would find such a wonderful and amazing product! thanks again so much. i will be ordering cases for christmas!!!




Lynn    03/12/10  After "sampling" these products years ago in TN, I've used and sold these great products in my shop in Michigan. Once you use the Rattlesnake Ointment (now known as Granny's Butter) you'll ask yourself "how did I ever get along w/o it?" These products are terrific!!! Thanks for sharing all of them with us!


Darko Habuda    12/22/09  I will be in Orlando, Florida from Dec 27-30, where is the closest out let for you products.



Barbara Rae    12/16/09  I have been using all of these products for several years, can't imagine not having them!


Derek Galarza    09/05/09  This product is the will of God. Truely miraculous in all forms, and a miracle one healing body at a time. I anticipate being a distributor soon, and am thankful to be a part of such a monumental product of history.


Ken Riddle    08/25/09  Great product. Stopped pain in my wrist after one application! Mummuy's Liniment removed a wart after about 4 applications!


susan higgins    08/24/09  just tried some of your products this weekend, namely mummy's linaiment and granny's butter. i have ahad pain in my wrist for at least a year and a half. dr. prescribed an anti-inflammatory. did not help at all after one month. tried the granny's butter (one time application) and pain is gone. i am thankful and will always use the producdts. i look forward to trying more of the product. thanks a million!


judi    07/15/09  can I still find this product locally in Florida


Sandra Griffin    07/12/09  I love your product .I purchased your product at pickens flea market.I live in Asheville NC.where can I purchase more ? and how do you get to be a distributor?


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This woman was suffering from shoulder and neck pain.

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